She Has Style | Styling packages to help you curate a wardrobe that empowers and boosts confidence.

About Me

Confessed shopaholic, come Boutique owner, come stylist – Sheridan (also known as Sheri) has always had an eye for that something a little different and understands the importance of having a wardrobe that empowers and boosts confidence.

Sheridan’s real passion evolved after having her daughter (Ruby) and the challenges she faced in her own wardrobe (and mind) regarding body image. She understands that the body can change significantly, not just after children but for a number of reasons that can sometimes be beyond our control.

After some soul searching and self care (and help from a wonderful Adelaide stylist), Sheridan managed to rediscover her style, audit her wardrobe and fill the gaps with wonderful garments that made her feel confident again.

Now, after years of styling experience in store and completing her training with the Australian Style Institute, her drive is to help others to gain control of their wardrobe and confidence. Despite the circumstances, there are packages and options available for everyone.